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Established in 2006, our supercar experience service allows you to explore and experience what it’s like to drive a supercar. We offer for self drive hire the latest, most powerful cars throughout London and UK. We are passionate about ensuring your car hire is one you will never forget. We care about our customers and go out of our way to ensure the supercar experience is a sports car hire event you will never forget. Our main office is based just off the A13 at Canary Wharf, East London.

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Call us on 0207 241 6854 or Email for a hire quote and availability - we are open from 7.30am to 10pm 7 days a week.

PB Supercar Hire is able to offer Aston Martin HireAudi HireBentley HireFerrari HireJaguar Hire, Lamborghini HireMaserati HireMcLaren HireMercedes HirePorsche Hire, and Rolls Royce Hire and other prestige car hire options within the Supercar Hire bracket. A hire from PB Supercar Hire will make your sports car hire hire simple and effortless. Find the right car for you and let us sort out the rest, all you have to do is enjoy your supercar experience.

UK London Location

We are based in Canary Wharf, East London, E14 just off the A13 by the Limehouse Link, meaning hiring a car is very easy. Our London location is ideally placed to cater for the finance district of the City of London and Canary Wharf, and with the tube, DLR and overground stations just 2 minutes walk away, access to us from West London, North London and South London is easy. If you hire our Lamborghini Aventador or Aston Martin DB11 for example, we have secure parking so you can leave your car with us during your hire. Being based just off the A13 gives a very quick and easy route in and out of London in to Essex and Kent, with the M11 and M25 opening up the route to the home counties of Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. We also can offer delivery in central London if you prefer your Ferrari California to be delivered. Generally most of our hire clients are based within 100 miles or so from London but we do offer hires to the whole of the UK.

We quite often receive phone calls from people who have been let down at the last moment a few days before the arranged a hire or worse still on the day, by other so called supercar experience companies who act as brokers or middlemen. These brokers don't own any cars-be very aware of these companies as we are seeing a growing trend in them not fulfilling their promises to you when offering car hire or worse still just taking your money. They are very easy to spot as they offer an unrealistic amount of cars on their websites and all of them use stock images rather than actual pictures of the cars they have. If you have been let down at the last moment do not worry, we can help. In fact we quite often have last minute supercar hire offers and deals at reduced prices and have often helped out panicking hirers who have been let down elsewhere.

Quick Checklist When Choosing A Supercar Experience Company

• Check they have premises that are clearly sign posted by either Google maps or visiting them
• Do a quick Google check on them- check reviews etc
• Look at the fleet on their website in particular making sure they use actual pictures of the car not generic library stock
• Check they actually own the cars and are not brokers or middlemen
• Never pay more than 25% of the price upon booking
• Never pay the damage deposit on booking
• Never meet them away from their premises
• Never let price or the deal they are offering outweigh the basic principles above
• Always sign a contract
• Always check the supercar over and video it or take pictures on check out
If you follow these simple rules your experience will never remembered for all the right reasons!"

An Upside Down Experience?

The Apollo Intensa Emozione better known as the Apollo IE is a car that could shortly provide a car that creates enough down force to theoretically drive upside down.
Very little has been heard about the Apollo brand name in the past few years especially in the hire market. However, it seems this was part of the German manufacturer's plan, as the secrecy has allowed them to quietly develop the Intensa Emozione and surprise the car industry with its announcement.

The IE features a 6.3 litre V-12 engine with over 800 horsepower, but its carbon fibre chassis and body means that it is much lighter than similar supercars. Its designers claim that making the IE "a true supercar experience" was at the forefront of their priorities when creating it.
The IE's angular, futuristic black exterior and racing-style red and black seats have seen it likened to the Batmobile by the press. It also features a 3D laser printed three-way exhaust.

It will clearly be an exclusive car and to be honest not one many will be able to experience, whether it be in ownership or through a hire. Each IE carries a hefty $2.7m price tag. That figure makes more sense when you learn that Apollo will only produce 10 models of the IE, each customised by its owner. Each car will reportedly take Apollo around four months to produce.

So, back to main attraction of this car -the claim that the IE could drive upside down. Every aspect of this supercar has been carefully sculpted to create as much down force as possible. The IE weighs around 1,250kg and has a net down force of 1,350kg, therefore it is theoretically possible that the car could drive upside down, however we not sure who is going to test this theory! It could be a great choice for prom car hire or exotic car hire events.

A Self Driving Supercar Experience?

Croatian manufacturers Rimac have revealed plans for a self-driving vehicle. However we are not sure how well this would go down with our regular customers as a huge part of the appeal of a supercar experience is, well, driving it. These cars are built for maximum enjoyment, capable of combining lightning-quick top speeds with massive horsepower but also the highest levels of comfort and luxury may well be suited for wedding car hire.

While the ego boost and style points that come from driving a supercar around are undoubtedly also part of the appeal, the actual driving experience is arguably the biggest reason why supercars are so popular. With that in mind, Rimac's design is something of a risk: and something PB Supercar Hire is unsure about- will enthusiasts want a supercar that drives itself or prefer to stick with traditional luxury car hire?

The Croatian brand clearly believe so. We believe Rimac have been forced to up their game with this latest car to compete against Tesla's recent Roadster announcement, hence the self-driving addition.

The Rimac may offer will have what is known as Level 4 autonomy. This means that no driver attention is ever required for safety, and the driver could safely go to sleep or leave the car without risk of the car crashing. Level 4 is the second-highest level of autonomy - the only level above it is reserved for cars such as robotic taxis that do not require any human intervention whatsoever.

Electric or Petrol?

Recently we have seen a rise in the electric car and not surprisingly it has not taken long for the supercar industry to venture into this type of supercar experience. Ferrari have announced they are to produce a fully electric supercar in a bid to challenge Tesla at the top end of the electric market.

The groundbreaking Tesla Roadster has attracted headlines for its futuristic design, but Ferrari believe they can succeed in the electric market by offering their iconic Italian comfort and stylishness paired with the advantage of consumer familiarity with their brand to create a unrivalled supercar experience.
Ferrari's electric car will be released in 2019 or early 2020 - just before the Tesla Roadster. The electric supercar will not compromise any of the Prancing Horse's values, with its design remaining true to Ferrari's legacy. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche are of course are already making hybrid cars, the move to provide fully electric supercar would not be a huge jump.

The enormous potential of the electric supercar experience market seems to have convinced the Italian giants, and some of the other leading supercar brands, such as Porsche, are also believed to be entering the market in the near future.

A New Breed of Supercar

The major powerhouses are still slugging out for the accolade to be considered the greatest. Like many, we remember the heady days of the F40, Countach and 958 and the battle today is equally fascinating.

Ferrari have entered their stunning LaFerrari into the arena to face the magnificent Porsche 918 Spyder and the Lamborghini Aventador but all now have to contend with a new snotty nosed newcomer, the McLaren P1. You can also throw into the mix Zondas, Konningseggs and Bugattis, but this a fight for the poster space on 10 year olds bedroom wall once covered by the F40, Countach and 958.

Each of these new UK models has been engineered to adapt to a changing world since the time of the F40. First we start with the LaFerrari, Ferrari's 2 door, rear engined, rear wheel drive vehicle. The LaFerrari is a highly ambitious project utilising what is called a 'mild hybrid' engine. This gives La Ferrari a higher power output of any Ferrari but thanks to ingenious electrical wizardry, manages to reduce fuel consumption by 40%. This is positions Ferrari in an ideal space between the pressures of fuel economy and outright power. The LaFerrari can produce an amazing 950bhp which nothing short of incredible. The technology for this has been developed in conjunction with the Formula 1 team, so it's good see something good has come out of the otherwise disappointing Alonso era. The engine is a naturally aspirated V12 to give the grunt needed and is knitted with lithium battery pack and is designed to work as one unit, optimising power and efficiency, a development which Ferrari hope will give LaFerrari the edge over other semi-hybrid vehicles in London and the UK.

LaFerrari has a 7 speed dual clutch and revolutionary auto gearbox which itself is packed with more electrical tricks all of which enable the LaFerrari to reduce valuable weight. Combined with a carrion fibre tub and as much carbon fibre possible elsewhere in the car all mean the LaFerrari is light and nibble and in when put together with the power unit, promise us an amazing prospect.

The electronic gadgets are extended over the entire car, with yet more computers giving LaFerrari the optimum grip, aerodynamic and down force needed for any give situation.

The inside of LaFerrari is stunning. The cabin space is actually quite large as the car has been designed for those wishing to wear a crash helmet, so as an everyday car, LaFerrari is perfectly usable, should you want a LaFerrari as an 'everyday' car.

With only 500 being made, not many have had the chance to drive LaFerrari, so we have to look those who have been lucky enough to find out what they think of the supercar experience. As this car will carry quite high supercar hire prices check out our supercar hire offers.

The car feels as near as Ferrari can get to the F1 experience, with a very low driving position. Although fully adjustable, it's always a very similar seating arrangement to that of a single seat racing car. This obviously completely by design and gives LaFerrari and authenticity which plays on its valuable racing DNA.

The noise from the V12 is incredible. The ride is said to be smooth and calm with a light touch to the steering. As you would expect, the accelerator is responsive and the feeling you get when the 950bhp starts to filter through to the road is mind blowing.

Now how about the looks. Will it pass the bedroom poster test? LaFerrari looks aggressive and potent. For me it lacks a little of the finesse of the F40, but when judged alongside its modern challengers, it looks amazing. Interestingly, none of the design work was done by the Pininfarina design house which is a brave move. It still looks like a Ferrari and the in-house team at Maranello have done a great job, but is there something missing that only Pininfarina can offer. Maybe not in design and looks as it is a great looking car, but it is one step removed from its forbears, and in particular the F40 on the wall. I'm sure the 10 year old me would still love to have it on the wall. This is a true masterpiece and will take some beating. Bring on the Aventador. Let’s see what you can do.

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